Fruits Having Medicinal Benefits.

Lime (Niboo)

Botanical Name : Citrus aurantifolia

The lime is an important fruit of citrus group. It is very popular all through the tropics and is used as a neccessary adjuncer in everyday meal.

Mango (Aam)

Botanical Name : Mangifera indica

The mango enjoys a unique status among the fruits. It is the most popular fruit of the tropics and is called 'The King of Asiatic fruits'.

Orange (Santra)

Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium

The orange is one of the finest gifts of nature. It is the most popular wide-spread of the citrus fruits.

Papaya (Papita)

Botanical Name : Carica papaya

The papaya has been regarded as one of the most vauable of tropical fruits. It is a large, fleshy, hollow berry upto 50-60 cm. in diameter and usually weighs from 1/2 kg. to 2 kg.

Pomegranate (Anar)

Botanical Name : Punica granatum

The pomegranate is a very delicious and semi-seedy fruit. It has refreshing and soothing qualities and is more easy to digest than any other fruit.

Raisins (Munaqqa)

Botanical Name : Vitis vinifera

The raisins are dried grapes. All grapes are, however, not suitable for making raisins. The grapes are, however, not suitable for making raisins. The grapes, which are very sweet, are only selected for drying.

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