Amaranth (Chaulai-ka-saag)

Moisture 85.7% Protein 4.0%
Fat 0.5% Minerals 2.7%
Carbohydrates 6.1% Vitamin C 99 mg
Calcium 397 mg Phosphorus 83 mg
Iron 25.2 mg
>Calorific Value - 45 (values per 100 gms)
>Small amounts of Vitamin B complex
Origin and Distribution

Amaranth is a popular green leafy vegetable grown all over India. It is a short-lived annual herb, with erect and often thick and fleshy stems and green leaves. Most Species of amaranth are believed to have originated in the Andran region of South America or Mexico, and are widely distributed in India, Malayasia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Pacific, tropical Africa and the Caribbean.


Amaranth is a warm-season crop and all species can be grown in the summer as well as the rainy season.

  • Helps in Vitamins and Calcium

It prevents the deficiency of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, calcium, iron and potassium. It protects against several disorders such as defective vision, respiratory infections, recurrent colds retarded growth and functionality sterility.

Amaranth For Various Diseases

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