Bael Fruit (Bel and Sirphal)

bael fruit
Protein 1.8% Fat 0.3%
Minerals 1.7% Fibre 2.9%
Carbohydrate 31.8% Calcium 85 mg
Phosphorus 50 mg Iron 0.6 mg
>Calorific Value - 137
>Small amounts of Vitamin B complex
Origin and Distribution/Food Value

The Bael tree is indigenous to India.The history of this tree has been traced to Vedic period-2000 BC - 8000 BC. The Leaves of the tree are traditionally used as sacred offering to Lord Shiva, who is believed to live under bael tree. The bael fruit is grown throughout India as well as in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand and most of the south-east Asian countries.

Keep in mind while eating Bael

The Sherbat made out of this fruit has all the important nutrients and health growing ingredients, it should not be taken in exessive amountas it cause gastric discomfort.

  • All parts are equally Important

All the part of this tree including stem, bark, root, leaves, and fruit at all stages of maturity has medicinal virtues and has been used as traditional medicine for a long time

  • Rippen fruit

The ripe fruit is aromatic, astringent which helps construction of skin, coolant and laxative.

  • Unripe or half-ripe Fruit

The unripe or half-ripe fruit is astringent, digestive stomachic which improves appetite and antiscorbutic, i.e. which helps to fight scurvy caused due to vitamin C deficiency.

Bael For Various Diseases

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