Drumstick (Sanjana)

Moisture 86.9% Protein 2.5%
Fat 0.1% Minerals 2.0%
Fibre 4.8% Carbohydrates 3.7%
Calcium 30 mg Phosphorus 110 mg
Iron 5.3 mg Vitamin C 120 mg
>Calorific Value - 26 (values per 100 gms)
>Small amount of Vitamin B complex
Origin and Distribution

Drumstick is an antibacterial and a wonderful cleanser. The Drumstick tree is perennial, erect, slender, medium sized with many arching branches. It is mostly grown as a backyard tree in most of the South Indian homes. It has drumstick like fruits, small white flowers and small and round leaves which are cooked and eaten as vegetable.

Natural Benefits Of Drumstick

Drumstick pods and leaves are of great value as sources of acrotene, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. The leaves , flowers and fruits of drumstick which are used as vegetable have great nutritional value.

  • Used in Samber

The tender fruit is used in samber and most dishes in South Indian homes. The leaves and flowers are used to prepare curry and cake.

  • Curative Properties

Almost all parts of the drumstick tree have therapeutic value. The leaves are especially beneficial in the treatement of many ailments due to their various medicinal properties and their rich iron content. They are used as food also.

Drumstick For Various Diseases

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