Potato (Alu)

Moisture 74.7% Protein 1.6%
Fat 0.1% Minerals 0.4%
Fibre 0.1% Carbohydrates 22.6%
Calcium 10 mg Phosphorus 40 mg
Iron 0.7 mg Vitamin C 17 mg
>Calorific Value - 97 (values per 100 gms)
>Small amount of Vitamin B complex
Origin and Distribution

The potato is the most popular and widely used vegetable in the world. It is an annual plant, producing swollen underground stem tubers. The Potato is a native of South America, it has been cultivated from ancient times. It was introduced to Europe in the later-half of the 16th century. In volume and value a world basis, the potato now exceeds all other crops in the world.

Natural Benefits Of Potato

The Potato can be boiled, baked, steamed and cooked with other vegetables. To secure its maximum value, it should always be cooked with its skin as the most nutritive part of the potato lies just below the skin and the layer is very rich in protein and mineral salts.

  • Medicinal Properties

The Potato contains several medicinal properties, as it is one of the most alkaline of all foods.It is also important in preventing the fermentive process in intestine and it helps the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

  • Precautions

The Potato should be avoided by obese people as they are fattening, they should also be ommitted from the diet of those suffering from veneral diseases and those afflicted with aphrodisiac tendencies.

  • Potato Therapy

An exclusive Potato diet is considered valuable in the treatment of certain disorders such as chronic constipation, intestinal toxaemia, uric acid diseases, renal calculi or stone and dropsy. potatoes can be consumed in its various preparations, such as baked, steamed, and in soup form.

Potatoes For Various Diseases

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