Fruits Having Medicinal Benefits.

Fig (Anjeer)

Botanical Name : Ficus Carica

The fig occupies a high position among fruits.Soft,sweet and pulpy, this delicious fruit promotes health. Its is a pear-shaped hollow fruit.

Grapes (Angoor)

Botanical Name : Vitis vinifera

Grapes are one of the most valuable fruits.They are delicious, highly nutritious and most easily digestible.

Grapefruit (Chakotra)

Botanical Name : Citrus paradisi

The grapefruit occupies high place among the citrus fruits because of its flavour, its appetising properties and its refreshing qualities.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Botanical Name : Emblica officinalis

Other English Names : Emblica myrobalan

Indian gooseberry is a wonderful fruit and one of the precious of nature to man. It is probably the richest known natural source of Vitamin C.

Jambul Fruit (jamun)

Botanical Name : Syzygium cumini or Eugenia jambolana

Other English Names : Rose apple, Java plum

The jambul fruit is a well-known common fruit. It has two varieties.The big one is oval in shape and is commonly called as Suva-jamun. The small one is round in shape and is commonly called as Kutta-jamun.The bigger variety is sweeter than the smaller one.

Lemon (Bara nimbu,Pahari nimbu)

Botanical Name : citrus limon

The lemon is an important fruit of citrus group. It ranks high as a health food. Lemon is oval in shape and light yellow in colour with thick, rough skin. When ripe it has pale yellow pulp,abundant juice and a small number of seeds.

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